Sport-Specific Training: Figure Skating

Training Is Available For Figure Skating Athletes Of All Ages!

Crull Fitness Figure Skating Training Program

Crull Fitness & US Figure Skating

Crull Fitness has extensive experience with boys and girls figure skating off-ice training. Crull Fitness is the training provider for US Figure Skating Champions Josh Reagan & Ashley Cain. Crull Fitness
off-ice figure skating training can be performed at any location. Figure Skating specific training is designed for boys and girls of all ages.

Focus is on the development of all athletes from those who are recreational skaters to those with future dreams of the Olympics. Our goal is to give your coach a better product on the ice. We tailor each program individually to suit the needs of the athlete.


"Crull Fitness has completely changed the way I train and prepare for competition. I haven't felt as in shape as I am now ever and my skating has never been better because of Crull Fitness."

Josh Reagan
US Figure Skating Two Time National Champion

"Crull Fitness has greatly improved my strength and conditioning. I have noticed increases in my flexibility and the height of my jumps. I now feel prepared to compete at the National level."

Anthony Evans
US Figure Skating Competitor

Crull Fitness Figure Skating Training Program

Crull Figure Skating Training Equals Improved Figure Skating Performance!

Crull Fitness Figure Skating Specific Training improves competition performance in the following areas:

  • Increase explosiveness in jumps
  • Increase body control of spins
  • Improvement in Upper Body Strength
  • Improvement in Lower Body Strength
  • Improvement of Core Strength
  • Increase in Endurance and Conditioning
  • Increase the Recruitment of Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Increase in Balance and Stability
  • Improved body image
  • Helps Prevent Injuries and Rehabilitate Previous or Existing Injuries
Crull Fitness Figure Skating Training Program

Crull Focus On Figure Skating

Figure Skating Specific Training Includes:

  • Individual Performance Profiles (Baseline Testing and Ongoing Measurements)
  • Attendance Tracking and Correlation with Results
  • Flexibility/Stretching
  • Strength Upper and Lower Body
  • Core programs
  • Conditioning and Endurance Training
  • Explosiveness/ Jump Training
  • Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Recruitment Training
  • Injury Prevention Hip/Groin/Knee/Ankle/Hamstring/Quadriceps (Stretching/Bands)
  • Nutrition/Hydration Counseling (Lectures/Manual)

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