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"The Weight You Were"

Goals of Program:
To have FUN while accomplishing your goals of fat loss and improved health and fitness!

What can I expect physically?
Expect to lose weight and body fat! Participants not only lose weight but also lose inches meanwhile increasing total body strength, increasing conditioning and flexibility.

By establishing specific personal goals related to weight loss, health issues and fitness, participants will achieve LIFE CHANGING results!!

Length of Program: 12 weeks
Registration Begins: December 16, 2011
Contest Begins: Monday January 16, 2012
Contest Ends: Monday April 9, 2012

Previous Results From Our Last "Loser Takes All" Competition

Weight Loss Contest DFW

What's Included In The "Loser Takes All" Program?

  • 12 Week training program
  • Loser Takes All Manual with Stretches, Exercises and Nutrition Plans
  • Weigh In and Weigh Out Including Body Composition Measurements and Body Image Photo
  • Weekly Weigh-in and Body Composition Measurements
  • Week 1, Week 6, and Week 12 Bench mark body measurements and photos to insure proper tracking of results
  • Private Weekly Tracking of Results
  • Two Group Training Sessions per week
  • A Program that is Fun and energetic, but most of all WORKS!

Overview Of 2012 "Loser Takes All" Fitness Program

  • 12 week fitness program
  • $700 registration fee per entrant

Elements Of "Loser Takes All" Program

  • Registration fee ($700) must be paid in full before start of program
  • "Before" and "After" body composition measurements and Body Image Photo must be taken at weigh-in and weigh-out.
  • Attendance at weekly weigh-ins is tracked and recorded

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to train at the facility where I test?
No. You are welcome to train at any Crull Fitness facility and with any Crull Fitness personal trainer.

Do I have to be a member of Crull Fitness to join?
No. We have people enter the competitions who belong to other gyms as well! This is an open competition!

Is my weight and body fat measurement published anywhere?
No. Initial Weight and body composition statistics are available to Loser Takes All staff only. During registration you are required to sign a publicity authorization, which gives Crull Fitness ownership and rights to use your photos in marketing and promotion after completion of the contest. Names will not be used with photos. Changes in weight and body composition may be published or displayed. Contact information is available to Loser Takes All staff only. We respect your privacy.

How do I benefit most from the program?
The best method of getting fit includes participating and completing the following:

  • Set reasonable goals
  • Write down your goals
  • Weigh in weekly
  • Come to the weekly group workouts
  • Keep a diary of everything you eat
  • Record all your exercises
  • Ask for help when you need it
  • Offer and receive support and encouragement
  • Trust the Loser Takes All program and trainers!

What do I have to do?
Step One: You must register on or before January 16th 2012
Step Two: You must show up to the initial weigh in and Kick Off of the Biggest Loser on January 16th 2012
Step Three: You must weigh in weekly
Step Four: You must attend the bench mark tests

What will be done at Weigh-Ins?
We will take and record your body weight; your percent body fat, and body mass measurements.

What will be done on Bench Mark testing days?
On top of weighing in we will be taking body measurements, photos, as well as blood pressure and resting heart rate. Blood pressure and resting heart rate will be monitored throughout the program for health and fitness goal purposes.

What happens when I Weigh-Out?
On weigh-out day (Last day), we'll record the progress you made over the past few months and measure % body fat and body mass index as well as the same measurements completed at the start of the program. Your final photo will also be taken to reveal the results of the 12 week program.

Still have questions?
Contact us at 972.479.9900 or e-mail at info@crullfitness.com

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